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Indian Air Force Meteorology Branch Recruitment Notification

The Indian Air Force (IAF) boasts a dedicated branch for weather analysis, a pivotal element for ensuring safe flying operations. Officers within the IAF meteorology branch shoulder significant responsibilities while serving in the Indian Air Force. The recruitment notification for officers outlines two courses for individuals aspiring to become meteorology officers.

  1. Ground Duty (Non Technical) 202/18G/PC/M:

    • This course is exclusively for men.
    • Successful candidates will be granted a permanent commission in the Indian Air Force.
  2. Ground Duty (Non Technical) 202/18G/SSC/M & W:

    • This course is open to both men and women.
    • Successful candidates will be awarded a Short Service Commission in the Indian Air Force.

Application Process

Prospective candidates can submit their applications on the official website by providing essential details such as name, email, and phone number. Additionally, applicants are required to select their preferred course during the application process.

JAG / SSB Details:

The recruitment drive includes vacancies for both men (175) and women (20) in the JAG (Judge Advocate General) / SSB (Service Selection Board) category. This broadens the opportunities for individuals with legal qualifications and expertise in meteorology.

Application Period:

Forms are accepted during specific periods, with application windows open in January/February and July/August. Interested candidates should ensure they submit their applications within these designated time frames.

Age Criteria:

Applicants must adhere to the specified age limit, which requires individuals to be between 20 and 27 years old. This ensures that candidates possess the necessary maturity and readiness for the responsibilities associated with the meteorology branch.

SSB Interview Schedule:

The crucial SSB interview, a key component of the selection process, is scheduled for May/June and October/November. Successful candidates in the initial screening will undergo the SSB interview, a comprehensive assessment to gauge their suitability for the meteorology branch.

Educational Qualification:

Aspiring candidates need to have completed LLB with a commendable 55% marks. This educational requirement ensures that applicants possess the necessary legal knowledge, a vital aspect of the responsibilities within the meteorology branch.

Permanent and Short Service Commission:

The courses offer different commission structures. The Ground Duty (Non Technical) 202/18G/PC/M course exclusively grants a permanent commission to male candidates, emphasizing a long-term commitment to service. On the other hand, the Ground Duty (Non Technical) 202/18G/SSC/M & W course awards successful candidates a Short Service Commission, allowing both men and women to contribute to the Indian Air Force for a specified duration.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to stay updated on the official website for any changes in the recruitment process, ensuring they have the latest information to navigate through the application and selection procedures successfully.

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