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If you want to serve the nation with pride, have always been enamored by pristine white uniforms, and love the ocean, then joining the Indian navy is a career path you should definitely consider. A career as a navy sailor is for men among boys—those who put their country before them, for whom duty and commitment towards work is taught by example.

If you believe that you possess such an adventurous soul and are driven by a calling to serve the country, then a career in the Indian Navy as a sailor is right for you. This article provides detailed information about job prospects, salary, recruitment procedure and career of an Indian Navy sailor. So, read on if you want to start a career in this highly rewarding and fulfilling field. Sailors are recruited in the Indian Navy in various capacities:

  • 1. Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR)
  • 2. Artificer Apprentices (AA)
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