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What is TES?

The Technical Entry Scheme is your gateway to a rewarding career in the Indian Navy. Successful candidates will join as Sub Lieutenants and undergo comprehensive training at the prestigious Indian Naval Academy in Ezhimala, Kerala. This is followed by specialized training at various Naval Training Establishments, Units, and Ships. During this training, officers are entitled to full pay and allowances.


  • Age Limit: 16 ½ to 19 ½ years
  • Educational Qualification: Must have passed the 12th grade with a minimum of 70% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Marital Status: Only unmarried candidates are eligible to apply. Candidates who marry during training will be discharged and must refund their pay and allowances.

Selection Process: 

Candidates are shortlisted for Service Selection Board (SSB) interviews based on their educational performance. Higher qualifications with better percentages are given priority. The final selection is at the discretion of Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Navy).

Key Details:

  • Vacancies: 90
  • Application Periods: May/June and November/December
  • SSB Interview Months: September/October/November and March/April/May
  • Application Process: Apply online at
  • Training: 11 months at Officers Training Academy (Gaya) followed by 4 years of B.Tech at respective colleges.

Why Choose TES?

The Technical Entry Scheme offers numerous advantages to aspiring candidates. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider this prestigious program:

  1. Elite Training: TES candidates undergo training at the renowned Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala. This academy is not only known for its picturesque location but also for providing world-class education and training. It is the perfect place to nurture leadership skills and discipline.

  2. Financial Stability: One of the attractive aspects of TES is that officers receive full pay and allowances during their training. This financial support ensures that candidates can fully focus on their training and education without any financial worries.

  3. Career Progression: TES is the first step to a successful and rewarding career in the Indian Navy. It opens doors to various specialization options and opportunities to serve in diverse naval units and ships.

  4. Educational Excellence: Candidates who successfully complete the training are awarded a B.Tech degree, setting them on a path to become technically proficient naval officers.

How to Apply:

Applying for TES is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the age and educational qualifications specified.
  2. Online Application: Visit during the application periods (May/June and November/December) and fill out the online application form.
  3. SSB Interview: If you are shortlisted, you will be called for the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview.
  4. Prepare for SSB: To excel in the interview, work on your communication skills, general knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.
  5. Training: Once selected, you will undergo rigorous training at the Officers Training Academy (Gaya) for 11 months, followed by four years of B.Tech studies at respective colleges.
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