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10 Rapid Fire Round in SSB Interview

The interview is the most important factor which plays a decisive role in the selection of a candidate in SSB Interview. The aim of this conversation is to assess leadership qualities or officer-like behavior. The question in the interview is directed so as to allow the candidate to automatically portray his officer-like behavior. Join the best SSB Interview Coaching in Delhi

In the interview, the interviewing officer looks for the training potential of the candidate. In an SSB interview what matters is the candidate’s knowledge, common sense, and power of expression. In the interview the candidate who is able to speak fluently and express himself clearly marks high. Cut at the same time your behavior should also fall within the OLQs.

Rapid Fire Questions is SSB

Generally, the inception of the interview starts with the rapid-fire round. As soon as you will enter the interviewing room and will try to make yourself relax, the interviewing officer will fire a round of questions on you and expect the candidate to answer all the questions in one go. The questions will be based on your PIQ and your responses to the Psychology test.

Some of the rapid-fire questions that will be asked by the interviewing officer during the interview so that you can prepare yourself well in advance for the same.  

  1. Tell me about the place you come from, since when living at the same place, name and specialty, a brief description about it namely its location, crowd, cultural and other heritages it carries.
  2. What is your name, meaning of your name, meaning of other member’s name in your family, compare yourself with them.
  3. Tell me about yourself ,your hobbies and your interests, your educational qualification and your personality, what you like to do and what you not like to do, what do you think your strengths and your weakness, things you want to change in your personality, things you want to change in your friends and family, your colleagues.
  4. What type of friends you like, what type you do not like, where have you gone and where would you like to go with your friends, why are these people your friends, what do you like in their personality, describe your best friend, compare him with you, things they want to change in your personality and thing you would like to change in their personality.
  5. Institution where you had your education, since when, any achievements, any responsible post held during your education at the institution, represented institution at what levels, subjects you liked most and those you did not like at all, why, teachers you liked most and those which you did not like at all, why (here include the teacher and subject till all these years of education and not only school), name and specialty of institution where studied and a brief description about it namely its location, crowd, cultural and other heritages it carries. What are you currently doing, where do you see in the organization.
  6. Family: How many members, since when living at the same place, description and sort of relationship with each member, closer to whom, why closer, whom you admire. Compare yourself with any of your brother/s or sister/s. If alone what would you prefer to have an elder/younger brother/sister? Occupation of working members in the family, if you are working what is your job profile, salary
  7. Why do you want to join the defense forces, if not defense other options, how did you come to the conclusion that you want to join the forces. Did you try for NDA, why not succeeded? Why not proper efforts were given? Want To clear NDA JOIN our Foundation Batch . Best NDA COACHING IN DELHI

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