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10 Ways to Get Stronger and More Flexible for SSB GTO Tasks

The GTO is a set of outdoor tasks meant to evaluate a candidate’s abilities in a group setting and how they interact with one another. On Days 3 and 4 of the SSB, the GTO (Group Testing Officer) test series is administered (In AFSB, GTO test series are conducted on Day 2 & 3 or Day 3 & 4). The group testing officer evaluates each member of the group based on how they performed on the numerous tests, how they planned and established goals for each exam, and how they did so while keeping the group’s interests in mind.

The SSB Ground Tasks are a mix of indoor and outdoor tasks. The purpose of the indoor tasks is to assess a candidate’s cerebral capacity, whereas the purpose of the outdoor tasks is to assess a candidate’s physical capacity. Your suitability as a team player and a leader will be evaluated throughout the entire GTO series. Keep in mind that an effective leader shows concern for his team members; hence, leadership does not entail mistreating them.

Simple Stretching And Warm-Up Exercises Should Be Done First

This is a prerequisite for all SSB candidates. You must remain on the ground for a continuous period of two to four hours while performing GTO Tasks. So it’s crucial to increase your endurance. You will be able to give the energy to perform successfully at the time of the SSB Interview by stretching and warming up each morning. Start your morning warm-up and stretching routine at least 2-3 months before the dates of the SSB Interviews.

Choose A Sport Of Your Choice

During the SSB, you will see that some candidates are extremely active and have tremendous stamina. They are a result of regular athletic activity. Most of you would have selected college or high school athletics that would improve your endurance for the physical activities in SSB. Take up any sport and make it a habit if you want to join the Indian Defense Force, such as hockey, cricket, or volleyball.

Add Running To Your Daily Routine:

 Adding running to your routine will help you stay more physically fit and perform well during the physical activities on GTO day. Running is a straightforward and highly recommended activity. To maintain their physical fitness even during training time, Gentlemen Cadets engage in a morning BPET (Battle Physical Efficiency Test) regimen.

Maintain Regularity

It’s crucial to stick to your daily schedule and remain consistent if you want to build up your endurance for the GTO physical endeavour. The majority of defence candidates skip their everyday tasks and don’t finish up with the expected outcomes.

Go To A Gym

You can visit the gym if you are a fitness freak. You can go to the gym at any time of day and work out every area of your body. The main benefits of working out are that they help you develop the strong body that most young people dream about in addition to increasing your stamina.

Prefer Cycling/Walking Over Motorized Transportation

Avoid utilizing motor cars and opt to commute by bicycle to improve your physical stamina. Cycling on a regular basis helps you lose abdominal fat and build stamina. Cycling also assists your body get rid of sweat, which keeps your face looking charming.

Maintain A Nutritious Nutrition

Your diet is the most crucial aspect of all. It is difficult for you to promote your degree of fitness till and unless you are not focused on a nutritious diet. Consistently consume a balanced diet that includes fibre, carbohydrates, nutrients, vitamins, and other minerals. Don’t forget to drink the recommended amount of water while doing this.

Use Your Brain

It’s not just about stamina when we talk about boosting it so you can perform effectively during GTO activities. You will need to employ both physical and mental strength to complete various GTO Tasks. Your mental and physical capabilities will be evaluated as a whole during the FGT, HGT, and Command Task. Therefore, in addition to physical preparation, you should also strengthen your cerebral faculties.

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