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How To Be A Hero Of Your SSB Interview Group

You must have heard people saying that SSB is more of a group thing than an individual thing. Well this is neither true to 100% and nor even false to some extent. What I am trying to say is that in SSB your group and how well you Gel with your group counts. However your group is not totally responsible for your success or failure but it does matters. The simple reason for this is that most of the tasks given to you in SSB are group oriented in fact the GTO series tasks which are the maximum point gainers consist of maximum group tasks(GD’s, GPE, PGT, HGT, GOR, Command task etc.)

Hence it is very important for you to make a good impression on your group mates and make the best of friendships with them. Here are a few tips on how you can cast a good impression on your group and take everybody in confidence.

  1. Stop the “I don’t know anything” pretension: Some of us think that if we try to pretend as if we know nothing about the SSB and how things are done in SSB others will think that we are innocent and take us lightly. Trust me I have seen candidates behaving that way. It casts a negative impression on your mates. Avoid it.
  2. Stop the “I know everything” showoff: Everybody knows that if you are in SSB you ought to be intelligent and smart but don’t forget that so are they. Your mates are not fools so stop answering every question that is being asked in your group. If person ‘x’ is asking to person ‘y’ then tell me where do you stand to answer the question? Stop playing the crow in between who tries to catch the ball every time it is thrown.
  3. Pulling other person’s leg will make you fall eventually: If you find pulling legs and talking sarcasm cool then surely your group mates will like you to remain aloof and retain your coolness alone. Hence pulling leg of a weak member or talking sarcasm on anybody is not an officer’s material.
  4. Sharing is good but only to an extent: Asking for your group mate’s towel, cream, shampoo etc. etc. will certainly make you look like a needy but not an officer.
  5. Play polo: Here I don’t mean the horse polo, I simply mean the mint, and it can do wonders! While you are sitting in the bus or waiting for the PPDT you can easily slide or pass a polo to your group mates, trust me it is a good friendship starter! So the next time you go for your SSB keep this wonder mint with you in a good stock.
  6. Pamper them: While you go for an outing in the city, pamper them and give a treat to them. A few samosa’s and a bottle of cold drink will cost nothing if you compare it with you pay-band as an officer .
  7. Be real: Don’t be a fake person, be real show your real self you are unique so don’t try to copy anybody.
  8. Lies are a big no-no: If you tell them that you are topper of your college and you lack the basic General knowledge also then its worthless to mention the impression they’ll have of you. Hence please don’t lie about anything, lying only makes you conscious.

The time you spend in an SSB is going to be golden time of your life. You will never forget the things you did here and the friends you made hence enjoy it and make the best of it. SSB is like a game where you can win only by remaining truthful and honest. I have seen deserving candidates not being selected just because of a bad and quarrelsome group. Candidates shouting in GD’s and fighting over ballis and ropes in PGT can never make it through. Remember you are in SSB to become an Officer so behave like one!  BEST SSB COACHING IN DELHI

Good luck and Jai Hind

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